How To Eliminate Belly Fat In A Healthy Manner

Many times we lose weight or we are already in our ideal weight but it is very difficult to take off our excess belly. The dreaded “gordominales”. It is true that if we sit, for example, in the subway, we will see that almost everyone has that annoying part of the anatomy. Is it so difficult to remove? Well, of course, there are simpler things, but with constancy everything ends up giving results. You have to start with little, of course. Commit yourself, for example, to walking ten minutes after dinner, and from there add up.

You can’t focus, however, only on the gut. This is how personal trainers explain it. Why should you lose the brewery intestine? Because storing it in the belly is very dangerous, in fact it is the place with more risks. So if you want to reduce the risks of heart disease and type 2 diabetes it will be great if you start with these tips.

Eat fiber, walk, love

Let’s start with the simple. Sugar doesn’t calm hunger and you end up looking for more. If you replace it with fiber, you’ll quickly see results, says a 2015 study by Annals of Internal Medicine, which showed that those who had difficulty following a strict diet managed to lose weight without trying when they increased their fiber intake.

And, of course, you have to move. At first you can start with little. Walking, for example, is a great starting point. A common mistake is that people commit to do too much too soon and then give up. “You don’t have to change your goals right away. You don’t have to start cardio or swimming right away, you can also walk, change the distance, speed or terrain.

Of course, a strength training where you also include the abs will do a lot. It helps you build muscle, which will replace fat. To start, he plans to lift weights two days a week and move forward says our specialist. “One way to look at it is that you’re preparing to reach your long-term goals,” he explains.

The right moves to burn fat through the abdominals are also key. You should be doing them three or four times a week, not consecutively. The good thing about this type of exercise is that you don’t even need to go to a gym to do it, even in your own home you can do it, with constancy and time.

And now, let’s cook

Spending time in the kitchen can help you lose abdominal fat, always, of course, eating the right foods. People who cook their own food have, according to studies, healthier habits. In addition, more fruits and vegetables are eaten at home and, in general, a more varied diet is eaten. If you are one of those who do not go to a restaurant more than on special occasions you are lucky, and, according to the coach (warning that before starting you should consult a doctor) you can try a low-carbohydrate diet.

We’ve gone on and on about the keto diet. The key to success with this type of diet is to compensate for lost carbohydrates with protein-rich foods. That way, his food volume stays the same, but he does it in a healthy way rather than in a way that exacerbates his weight gain.

There are three points to keep in mind to get rid of stomach fat: nutrition, exercise and dedication.

Consciousness and planning, are fundamental. For example, it is normal for a saint to go to heaven when we go out to eat with friends out there, so creating a strategy can give you the benefit of eating comfort foods that will make you feel better, instead of spending and repenting later, while you are attacked by the feeling of guilt to which we are prone.

Losing body fat and developing a lean toned stomach is a three-pronged approach that requires consistency and discipline. We’ve just started the year and it’s supposed to be the right time for good purposes, dare you start?